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My name is Pedro Valdez. I was born in Wisconsin, but was raised in a small town in Tamaulipas, Mexico until 2010, after which I moved to Texas. Apart from programming, I love videogames like Halo 3 and have recently taken a liking to the gym.

I have always been fascinated by technology, always wanting to know how something worked. However, knowing how something worked eventually wasn't enough, I wanted to be the creator. The first thing I programmed was a two-player Macromedia Flash 8 game that simulated the playground game "tag." I didn't program much more until highschool, where I took computer science classes from sophomore to senior year, as well as competed in UIL and TSA computer science competitions. I gained more pragmatic programming skills in college after taking classes like software engineering and data structures and algorithms.

Nowadays I focus on creating web apps that I find personally useful or entertraining with NextJS. I also like to create interactive creative coding sketches, like this one about truchet tiles.


Screenshot from VSLZR website


Where I keep my interactive p5.js sketches.

Screenshot from WPM website


Web app for practicing your typing speed with eclectic quotes.

TailwindCSSDaisyUINextJS API
Screenshot from Celeste website


View and learn about the cosmos through this website. NASA has been publishing APODs (astronomy picture of the day) since 1995, their website is a bit outdated to say the least, so I decided to revamp it.



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